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NEW LJ [25 Mar 2006|04:29pm]
I have a new LJ. Tiffy_in_DC. I know original. It's a paid account so while I'm walking around DC I can call and upload voice posts, etc and so on. And since this seems like my second real like, life changinging thing a mig and so many things are ending and so many things are begining, I thought it was time for a new LJ. So yeah, add me asap bc it will be mostly friends only.

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i've over my head. [21 Mar 2006|11:35pm]
in everything.

...it's coming down to nothing more than apathy.

i have to pursue apathy, because i'm leaving, everything behind, and the uncertainty of what i'm coming back to forces me to live in the present.
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[17 Mar 2006|01:56am]
...i think i have a subleaser...talk about the 11th hour.
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[15 Mar 2006|10:49am]
Uhm...so who just got two tickets to see Nickel Creek perform at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. on April 21st??

Oh yeah...THAT WOULD BE ME!!!

::freaking out::

Now I have to find someone to go with me ;).

(I didn't think I'd get to see them again till like next year, at the soonest, and as anyone who has seen NC ::cough, david, cough::, knows, seeing them is the highlight of the year...esp if they do the Toxic cover again)
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Two History Honors Students...ONE Coffee shop [09 Mar 2006|12:24pm]
One...has tons of books on her lap and pictures of Kennedy spead all around.

The other...watching Pope John Paul II's Funeral on her computer.

We are seriously awkward.
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my goal [27 Feb 2006|03:15pm]

Is to never be as needy/clingy as my cat. I've never met anything with more need to be in your face.
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[27 Feb 2006|11:44am]
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I LOVE CASCADA [12 Feb 2006|02:23pm]
Mwahaha I'm obsessed with her. She is teh hot. And so are her songs.

Now I have to learn biology.
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my life is teh awesome. [27 Jan 2006|12:10am]
asking for a tad bit of an extension on my thesis was perfie. i'm currently on page 7 and not stressed at all. my goal is to get to page 10/the end of kennedy's space policy and turn it in to mcgee tomorrow, i hope. it's actually exciting right now too, so that's happy :D.

plus i have new friends. amanda's friend julia is now one of my favorite people ever . . . i heart her.

and yeah, hopefully i won't be stressed this weekend over this paper now that i have an actual good 15 pages going on.
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random factoids [22 Jan 2006|02:15pm]
- I'm wearing a panda shirt. I love it.

- Writing 15 pages today. It's really interesting and I like to write, but I hate having to find evidence for my claims. Haha, that's weak sauce.

- Coffee, lots and lots of it. Against Ely's objections.

- Realizing more and more that soon I'm going to graduate :X. And that in about two months I'm going to be living in DC.

- My bed being made makes the room look clean, which allows me to work at home.

- I need more girl friends here. See I have this insecurity thing, esp. with girls. I'm quite hessitant to call people up and ask them to hang out. So if you're my friend here and you want to study/get coffee, etc. You need to call me, otherwise I might never call you. I need to work on that.
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these guys are what happens now that we put computer programmers in 8-5 jobs [17 Jan 2006|11:46am]
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Oh yeah, that's right, I rock. [09 Jan 2006|03:11pm]
Who just bought two tickets to see Robert McNamara give a lecture at UCSB?

Oh yeah, that would be me.
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[08 Jan 2006|10:11pm]
I want this so bad it hurts that I'm a college student:


It's also pretty cute in brown. AH!!!
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A long overdue update. [22 Dec 2005|11:17am]
Ah, so much to write about.

Boston--cold. 9 degrees one morning when I left MIT. Yonas told me afterwards, note today, that that's some of the worst December weather he's seen. Thanks Boston. He also told me it got warmer after I left. Glad to know I bring on a chill. The archives were exciting, I'm not being sarcastic. It was really cool to go through 1/1,000,000 of the documents they have. I would love to do more. Ah, I keep going between archivist and curator/educational developer. Anyway, I didn't see too much of the city because it was too cold at night and well...yeah it was cold and I was tired after getting up at 6.30am every morning on CA time. I took a standby flight out of Boston and it's a good thing I did because apparantly my original connecting flight out of Chicago was cancelled with no other flights that day. So yay for my luck. There was also a very lucky find of my wallet outside on MIT's porch but it involved a 70 dollar cab ride of to the airport, back to MIT, and back to the airport. But alas, I returned to 65 degree weather at 1:05pm instead of 11:50pm albeit the next day.

Nickel Creek--I choose the best concerts to spend my money on, I swear. I would say Nickel Creek is my favorite concert of that size...running behind Paul McCartney, but he's just on a different level of production. I mean, they had no real gimmicks, just fun times on stage, and they're young hence witty. Chris went on and on about the crazies switching from coffee to tea and I just have to agree with him. And then later in the show...
Chris: Are you ready?
::they start playing on a mandolin, fiddle/violin, guitar, the intro of "Toxic"::
So then I'm thinking, haha oh this is their funny, haha moment, most artists have where they play the begining of a total off beat song...but then Chris starts singing...and they do the entire thing. And it was uhm, kind of amazing. David K. posted it on his lj but if you go to videos.google.com and type in Britney Spears the video is the first thing that comes up. And all should watch it. "Bluegrass" goes Pop. AWESOME.

So this week I've been working 35+ hours at Victoria's Secret. It's tiring, and I'm glad I'm only back for 3 weeks. Because right now it's fun, but it's already starting to get old with customers, and everything.

Today is only a 1-5pm shift and it's processing so I can wear whatever and I'm guaranteed to get out at 5pm. And I have hence decided it is time I go and get my nails done (thank goodness for my awesome best friend who gave me a gift certificate to do so). I need something for the holidays :D. So thanks Jack.

Anyway that's about it. Just countin the days to xmas where I give my sis her pretty awesome present because I'm a good sister. :D ... most of the time

Happy Holidays slash Merry Xmas to most of my friends.
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Surgery [23 Nov 2005|01:19am]
So...if you were wondering how my knee surgery went here's the run down.

Well first, all my nurses were English lending to a more disoriented feeling when I woke up.

Anyway, the anasthesia part, the part I was probably most worried about, went really well. They gave me medication in my IV to ensure a less chance of me getting sick. When I woke up from it I had none of the horrible side effects like major disorientation, loss of memory, or nausea/vomitting. The only thing was I shivered uncontrollably but they put this super warm blanket thing.

The surgery itself apparantly went really well. The only thing that was awkward is the fact that they found a piece of bone I chipped off the last time I dislocated it and fell. This explains why occasionaly it felt like I couldn't bend my knee at all randomly. My guess is the bone would get lodged in the joint hence my inability to move it or random soreness. It was like an inch in diameter so I think they had to make a little larger incision or stretch the skin rather than the one centimeter incisions they normally do...this might explain why my left side of my knee hurts really bad, like I think I feel the incision there. There's a general just soreness, no doubt from them basically cutting some of my muscles, but hopefully that will be okay by tomorrow or Thursday.

Because of them releasing my knee cap, the dressing had to apply certain amounts of preassure to certain parts of my knee so I have a HUGE knee wrap on...it's literally 3 times the size of my thigh which makes it even more awkward to get around as it's a lot of weight pulling down on my knee. So yeah, and I'm on the same amount of vicodin I was only I've been taking the max. 2 pills every 3/4 hours rather than one. I've been just sleeping at first to rid myself of pain and then watching tv. I'm still up partly because I've slept all day. I have an appointment tomorrow at 11:45 for Dr. Ryu to change my bandage to that of an ace wrap which I hope means more ability to be mobile. It was nice staying in SB for the lack of traffic/driving it entailed sitting through and I got to see all my friends which was awesome. Seeing Amanda and Jack and Pam was cool and then further getting to see Ely who bought me the t-shirt as a surprise that I mentioned previously. Yay for E.T. :D. So yeah right now I'm on my couch and hopefully will fall asleep by around 2 because otherwise I have to take more vicodin / it will really start to ache again and I won't be able to sleep, but thank you to everyone for their thoughts and/or prayers, it means a lot to me :D.
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[21 Nov 2005|02:00pm]
About two minutes after handing in my 17A essay I realized that I called Massachussetts the Holy Experiment...it was Pens. Oh dear me :X.
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someday, somehow [14 Nov 2005|02:06pm]
i hope to afford this piece of apparel:

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oh history channel [23 Oct 2005|11:12pm]
i am convinced you think history spans from 1939 to 1945. and you annoy me with that, because i like history AFTER hitler. i really do, it's quite fascinating...there were these people called Nixon and Kennedy and i don't know a tiny thing called the Cold War. oh, and Vietnam? at least right now they're doing secrets of soviet space disasters which i need to watch because it's close to my thesis.
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and she beat me to it. [22 Oct 2005|10:59am]
spring 06Collapse )
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[15 Oct 2005|04:47pm]
watch the usc vs. notre dame replay...

...that's HOW WE DO IT!
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